Self-Portrait. Original Oil. 2007.

About the Painter

Jay Pullman spent a good deal of his life teaching English, first at Ithaca High School, in Ithaca, NY, then at Morrisville State College, but has always loved drawing and painting. It wasn't until he retired several years ago and moved to Arkport, NY, however, that he has pursued his passion fully. Of Dutch heritage, he has always felt a kinship with the artists of Holland, from Frans Hals and Rembrandt to Van Gogh.

Jay is largely self-taught as a painter but has gained a lot from the workshops and video instruction of contemporary artists. With the support and encouragement of his wife, Terry, he finds it stimulating to work in different media: oil, watercolor, charcoal, graphite, and--more recently--pen and ink. He has come to realize that serious painting is not recreation or therapy. It is intense creative work, even though it may have those other benefits. He feels his art says more about his own state of mind, ultimately, than it does about his subject matter. 



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