Cardinal   Loss (Picture of Lincoln)  
Monhegan Pines   Boulder River   Loon on the Lake
Barn Cat   NY State Asters   Adirondack Morning
Brandywine Boat   Grandpa Pine   Scotch Broom
Water Lilly   Spirit of Shadow Falls   Big Moose Lake
Big Sur Coast   Boat for Sale   Monterey Harbor Sunrise
Rexville Retreat   Santa   Catskill Cascade
Self Portrait   Genesee   Renaissance Man
A Still Life of a Pitcher   A Pair of Pairs   At the Gallery
Poppies   Backyard Bounty   Sunflower 3
Sunflower 2   Sunflower 1   Zinnias
Zinnia   Springtime Discovery   Winter Walk
At the Shore   Aviles Fountain   Linwood
Gift of Roses   Almond Family   Hartsville Pears
Summer Reflections   Summer Red   Amanda & Lochary
Time for a Rest   Waiting for Spring   Flash of Red
Snow Pansies     Madrid Ducks
St. Remy   Provence Olives   Provence Street
VanGogh's Hospital   First light   Newfield Family
Sudden Storm    Provence Square    Posted
Late Afternoon   Baseball Dreams   Sun Valley Summer
Movie Star's Nephew   Central Park Tryst   Bittersweet
Garden Glory   Scotch Broom   Genesee

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